Posted On: March 13, 2021

Infographics are increasingly being used by marketers nowadays because it’s easier to read, and often includes fun and creative graphics to capture the attention of their audience. A few years ago, you could only use advanced graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create such infographics, but in recent years, there has been an influx of free online software and tools that you can use to create them easily.

I’ve consolidated 20 of the best infographic software that are also free, with many elements, vectors and templates to help you with the presentation of your infographics.  These software will make it easier for you to share your infographics on social media sites and can be highly successful in helping you get backlinks and viral traffic to your site.

Best Infographic Software and Tools 

(1) Piktochart

If you’re looking for the best infographic software that makes infographic design easier, I would recommend Piktochart. I use its clean editor for all kinds of graphic creation and have found it to be a very easy to use software to make beautiful infographics. Elements such as background colours, images, texts and banners are easy to pull out and just insert into the editor.


The number #1 infograpics maker for resumes, creates resumes that are incredibly beautiful and fun. You will be able to express yourself and your professional accomplishments using their simple and easy-to-use visualization and turn your skills, qualifications and experience into career and job opportunities for yourself.

(3) Canva

Canva is one of the better infographic and online graphic creator because it has been online longer than the other tools. It includes hundreds of free design elements, and all you have to do is just upload your images, or choose from their stock library with more than 1 million photographs and graphical elements and more than 150 fonts.


Launched in 2012, is the site to go for educators and students to make stunning and informative infographics such as statistics, lesson plans, school presentations and more. It has thousands of infographics templates such as timeline, reporting, resume, charts and process templates and you can use them to customise your infographics according to your preference.

(5) Visme 

Visme is one of the best infographic software for creating beautiful infographics, business presentations, ad banners and animations. With its emphasis on free icons, shapes and objects, as well as its variety of templates, you can easily customise your design while adding text. Do note, however, that its free plan comes with the Visme logo and there is also limited access to charts and infographic widgets.

best infographic software

(6) Venngage

Used mainly by analysts who are looking to communicate their processes and information in a clearer way and marketers who want to project a more professional image by conveying their insights easily, Venngage is an excellent tool for creating and publishing infographics with its wide selection of templates, themes, charts, icons and backgrounds.

(7) DesignBold 

A very new entry to the online graphics software market but a very strong contender, DesignBold helps you create beautiful designs including infographics in just a few minutes. There are also more than 6,000 stunning templates for social media posts, blog posts, banners, advertisements, invitation cards and posters and access to more than 300,000 free stock photos.


If you often create web-based data, you will love, said to be the world’s largest community of infographics and data visualization. It contains a search engine for web-based infographics, a silo of data from government agencies, non-profits and other research- and data-focused agencies, making it the best infographic software for such data.

Matching you with selected designers, journalists and creative directors to assist you in infographic design, all you have to do is just describe your project and let them handle the rest.


This is one of the easiest and best infographic software for charts, because it is very easy-to-use, and all you have is to select a template from among their bubble charts, tree maps or pie charts and edit the elements inside the built-in spreadsheet on the page itself. Choose to also import your own Excel or csv files and churn out beautiful charts and infographics.

(10) InFoto Free

InFoto is an Android photo infographic generator – it extracts the EXIF data like numbers, ways and timing attached to the photos in your phone and generates infographics from them. This means that the infographics generated will have information such as what time of the day you prefer to take photographs, whether you prefer portrait or landscape versions, your favourite places to take photos, your favourite hideouts and more.

The Best Infographic Software – Additional Tools for Exploration

Of course, there are many other infographic design tools that can perform similar functions on desktop or mobile such as Wordle, Get About, Gapminder, Inkscape and Pixlr. Your infographic software preferences might depend on how much you like its design interface, the choices of images, fonts, templates, and of course, its ease of use. Google around for more choices if you need, explore more tools and find your own haven.

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