Posted On: March 13, 2021

The Angry Commander

In America, there was a troop of soldiers who went to a large theatre to attend a talk by their local new commander. The commander was talking enthusiastically about some safety issues for some time when he suddenly asked,”When you were coming here just now, who among you uses the safety belt in the car?” Only a few persons raised their hands. The commander was not too happy and started to reprimand them for not taking care of their own safety. Suddenly, the vice commander walked over and whispered to him,”Sir, their camp is just across the road. That’s why the majority of them walked over.”


Lesson: People are most of the time self-righteous, thinking that their ideas and judgement are correct, and hencealways reprimand others. But this is not true, as our angle are not always correct. We need to approach problems from the perspective of others and this will let us avoid any quarrels, anger, or misunderstanding.

The Student  

In the ancient days, there was a student going to the city for an examination. One night, he had a dream of a tall city wall whose top was filled with planted white cabbage. He also dreamed of his sister-in-law sleeping besides him. When he woke up, he was puzzled, and did not know whether his dreams were a good or bad omen.

So this student went to his mother-in-law’s house and hoped that she can help him solve his dreams, but unfortunately, his mother-in-law was not at home. His sister-in-law asked him about the objective of his visit, and the honest student told her about his dreams. His sister-in-law’s face immediately changed, and she said,”You idiot, how can the tall wall be used to build white cabbage? Isn’t this a waste of effort? And for me to be sleeping besides you, fat hope!” Her diagnosis of his dreams essentially meant that all his efforts to study for his examination will be wasted.

The student was frustrated, and set off for his examination, but he met his mother-in-law along the way. She saw that he was upset, and asked him about it. He told her about his dreams, and what his sister-in-law said about them. His mother-in-law then shouted happily,”This is great! The white cabbage planted on the tall wall signifies you ‘being on top of your class’ in terms of results, and your sister-in-law sleeping besides you means that it’s finally time for you to ‘turn over’, or change your life!”

Lesson: Approach your problem or issue from an optimistic angle and you will then be filled with hope. That’s why optimists are able to find hope amidst setbacks, while pessimists always try to find setbacks amidst success!