China Marketing (Chinese Market Marketing)

Bespoke Chinese content marketing strategies to help you effectively reach and engage Chinese consumers in China and beyond.

Effectively reaching and engaging Chinese consumers requires more than just translated content. Poor quality content created by those who don’t understand Chinese search engines like Baidu, Sogou, Shenma, or Haosou (Qihoo 360) is a waste of money and time. Worse still, some content creators lack a basic understanding of SEO. Additionally, content plans that are not tailored to the Chinese audience can lead to customer disengagement.

All these issues can harm your brand and organic ranking. Over time, continuing to use such content put you at risk of being banned by Chinese search engines.

A bespoke content plan that aligns with your business goals can help you gather high-quality leads and drive sustainable revenue in the long term. Invest in high-quality, well-researched Chinese content to achieve your business objectives.

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Chinese Website Design

Kickstart your business in China with a professional Chinese website that’s also functional.

Chinese Social Media Marketing

Reach more than 1 billion potential Chinese customers in China and beyond on Xiaohongshu, WeChat, Weibo, and more.

Chinese Branding and Design

Create conversion-driven marketing materials such as Chinese leaflets and brochures for your business.

Chinese Translation and Transcreation

Translate/transcreate your content effectively into messages that your target audience will understand and engage with.

Chinese Online PR

Create hot topics and branded press releases for your business and get them disseminated to more than 6000+ Chinese websites.

Xiaohongshu Marketing

Create unique content on Xiaohongshu, China’s most trusted content sharing site with more than 190 million active users, of whom most are women.

WeChat Marketing

Reach more than 1 billion users worldwide with WeChat, China's top social media that allows its users to network, read news, play games, shop and pay for goods and services.

Weibo Marketing

Reach more than 431 million monthly active users with Weibo, China's 2nd most popular social media that is similar to X (Twitter).

Chinese Blog Posts/Articles

Create bespoke content on different Chinese blogs such as Sina blog (新浪博客), Tencent Dajia (腾讯大家), and Zhihu (知乎) to reach out and engage your audience.

Chinese Video Content Marketing

Develop Chinese videos from your existing video clips or even create brand new videos for your channel on Youku, Bilibilli, Douyin and more.

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