Posted On: May 24, 2021

Marketing psychology, or consumer psychology that’s applied to marketing, as some calls it, is the act of anticipating buyer behaviour by understanding the cognitive biases of human beings. Consumers are often irrational, making decisions based largely on these innate biases.

Marketing psychology is one aspect of a marketing strategy that businesses usually neglect or ignore. And while marketers are not expected to be psychologists too, it will be very useful if you can grasp the cognitive biases of your prospects, and use psychologically-based observations about human behaviour to communicate more effectively and improve conversion for your business.

marketing psychology

One key element of being a great marketer is to understand how (and why) our prospective customers or current customers think and act the way they do. For example, what makes your customers take action? Why do they choose to buy your competitors’ products or services instead of yours? How can you get them to purchase from you instead? Besides an effective business and marketing strategy, understanding marketing psychology would also be very important to your business’ content marketing and social media strategy.

To help you attract, convince and convert more prospects with your marketing, I’ve painstakingly compiled the top 20 best marketing psychology principles that you can use to improve your marketing campaigns. By always checking against this infographic each time you plan your strategy, you can learn how each of these principles influences consumer behaviour, and incorporate them into your larger marketing strategy, or use them to improve your marketing campaigns, hence driving leads and sales to your brand. So go ahead, clip this monster infographic for reference later – you can download it below. Email me at if you need a higher resolution copy.

Top 20 Marketing Psychology Principles

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