Improve the Speed of Your Website


In this micro marketing task, I will improve the speed of your website on GTMetrix and Google Page Speed for better SEO. This micro marketing task will guarantee at least a 2-grade improvement from your current grade/performance on GTMetrix.

All prices are in USD. There is strictly no refund for this product. However, if after purchase, I cannot optimise your website due to an error on your website or any other reasons, I will refund you accordingly.

For enquiries, please email us at:

Website speed (and page speed) is now one of the most critical organic ranking factors on Google and other search engines. The faster your pages load, the more times Google can crawl your website.

Indirectly, website speed can also affect your organic ranking, either by the increase in bounce rate or a reduction in dwell time. Addressing loading times of your website and pages improve your search engine organic rankings, your user experience and your conversion rates, so why not do it now?

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