Marketing Strategy eBook + FREE Infographic Template


Marketing strategy ebook, plus FREE strategy template in a giant infographic.

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“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”  ~ Sun Tzu, author of ‘The Art of War’

So said Sun Tzu, a Chinese military strategist and philosopher, and writer of the immensely successfully ‘The Art of War’. This quote cannot be further from the truth because if you do not have a concrete plan before you head into the complicated world of marketing, you are very likely going to waste your time, efforts and marketing dollars in activities that may not work for your business.

You can definitely make the process effortless and more effective if there is someone guiding you. Besides outsourcing your work and/or even consulting a marketing professional, the next best thing is to follow a tried-and-tested strategy template that have been developed by an experienced marketing professional.

I am confident that this 40-page marketing strategy ebook, which includes detailed explanations of all aspects of the strategy, plus a giant infographic strategy template, will be able to help you. I have spent countless hours to develop this ebook, which will be an excellent backbone for any company, entrepreneur or marketer to plan and execute the most effective marketing strategy in the new financial year. Here are the major sections:

Part A: Research and Analysis
Part B: Defining the Marketing Strategy
Part C: The Marketing Mix
Part D: Analysis and ROI

This is very unlike any of the free generic marketing strategy blog articles or strategy templates that you can find on the world wide web, as mine stems from more than 20 years of marketing experience and also includes a free email consultation if you have any questions regarding the strategy. So instead of spending your next few weeks trying to do all the research and strategy yourself, you can save time and effort by getting it here. Here’s what it includes again:

  • a 40-page marketing strategy ebook
  • a giant infographics template
  • free email consultation
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