Social Media Marketing Done Right

Cost-Effective. Result-Driven. No-Frills. 100% White-Hat (Genuine Followers)

Grow your business to an unprecedented level with the power of
Goal-Oriented Social Media Marketing, with high conversion rates at the lowest possible prices.

Are you not getting the kind of followers or engagement you had expected on social media, when you’re investing a few hundred or even thousand of dollars every month on content management with an agency?

Have you been tracking the ROI on the salary that you pay your intern or executive to manage your Facebook or Instagram every month?

Have you been creating your own content with no visible results, when your time could be better spent strategizing on how to get the next sales? 

If your answers to those questions are YES, then you’re on the right page.

I'm Here to Help!

I am a content and social media strategist based in Singapore. I have been helping businesses, brands and entrepreneurs get the most out of their social media with what I called Goal-Oriented Social Media Marketing, using an eclectic mix of strategy with powerful, rich content that’s really targeted ‒ enticing their audience to engage, act and even share it with their circle. With this strategy, I am able to bring their sales to the next level ‒ something they never imagined was possible. I can do the same for you.

Why Me?

Despite having more than a decade of experience at hand, I know that it doesn’t make me any better than the rest of the social media service providers. But I am not only equipped with the experience but a full spectrum of unique approaches, out-of-the-box ideas, powerful marketing software and ingenious ways of solving whatever problems you’re facing in marketing yourself, your business or brand. I am also different from the rest because I’m genuinely passionate about what I’m doing!


A No-Frills, Goal-Oriented Social Media Content Marketing Strategy 

  • Cost-effective methods to achieve your goals fast!
  • A native English speaker and writer to handle all your content, but at a fraction of the cost of digital agencies (digital agencies use me too!)
  • Tailored strategy that focuses on your objective and getting the highest ROI possible
  • No automation/bots that will get your account banned
  • Excellent support with native understanding of your needs
  • And the desire to help you skyrocket your business or brand ASAP!

This is what allows me to do what most businesses can’t. And it’s not their fault. Nobody is exceptional at everything. Everyone has a unique set of skills and they’re only great at that. 

I believe entrepreneurs are multi-skilled, talented individuals who wish to make a change in the world, but they can only do so much. This is where they need a helping hand so they can focus on the actual running of the business while I take care of their brand and bring it to new heights.


So, How Much?

That investment that you spent will be worth what I’m going to help you get back because I know what I’m doing and I know how to help you, my clients reach your goals.

You could absolutely save your moola and go it alone. But, you run the risk of wasting your time and efforts, or even wasting money on hiring an intern to do nothing but sit there and watch YouTube or check out social media, well, their OWN social media, not yours, most of the time. If you don’t want that, then let’s talk!

What's Included In Your Package?

Monthly Retainer

  • Audience & competitive research
  • Creation or optimization of social media profile
  • An effective social media content strategy based on your target audience, brand vision and goals
  • All social media posts hand-created specifically for you on 2 social media platforms (excludes WeChat and Weibo, please get a quote from me separately)
Contact me at if you need a customised package.

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About Me

Singapore-based social media strategist who has been helping small businesses all over the world (UK, US, Middle East, Asia, Singapore, etc.) grow through the power of goal-oriented social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing
  • My expertise will not work if you’ve previously installed bots, purchased fake followers or likes on your own without my knowledge and hence have been flagged by Instagram or any other social media platforms. Such activities will greatly interfere with what I’m doing and also your returns. 
  • Due to my no-frills packages and low costs, there will be no physical meet-ups. A quotation will be sent for your endorsement if you decide to work with me, after which I will follow-up with a questionaire to get to know your objectives and business.