Posted On: March 28, 2020

When it comes to developing content for landing pages, advertisements or web banners, there is a need to use the appropriate words to bring across your message and create an impulse for the consumer to take action. Power words can also make you as a brand more interesting and more persuasive.

Said Rudyard Kiling, “Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.” For novice content writers, you can start by mastering how to integrate such power words into your content and you’ll notice that your articles will immediately get more attention.

Now all you need is a list of power words for marketers, but I’ve got you covered! Here is a consolidation of the top 200 power words for marketers, entrepreneurs and copywriters and you can use it to put together your content and create that buying impulse.

The free digital version is below. You can also purchase an A2 or A3 copy in sleek poster paper to adorn your walls or gift it to a fellow copywriter or marketer friend.

Top 200 Power Words for Marketers and Copywriters

Power Words for Marketers

For your convenience, drop me an email at to get the high resolution digital PDF copy of this sheet of power words for marketers!