Posted On: December 4, 2019

One distinctive trait of the not so successful individuals is that they will all say they are very busy every day of their lives. Are you one of them? I hope not, because the really intelligent and important people have all outsourced the majority of their tasks. Here are Lee Ka Shing’s wise words on being busy:

  • When an emperor is busy, it means that his general is useless.
  • When an army general is busy, it means that his organisational skills are lacking.
  • When the head of a family is busy, it means that there is going to be a problem soon.
  • When a boss is busy, it means that he has not hired any capable person to help him.

The most important men in history, be it political or business, are not all occupied working out the details. Instead, they spend their time meeting people, socializing, learning and analyzing the markets and planning their strategy on how to move forward. If a leader is busy all day doing the meaningless tasks, he would essentially have lost the value of his leadership and meaning.

As Bill Gate said, “If you are very busy now, ask yourself these questions.”

  • What am I busy with?
  • Does my work or me being busy contribute any value at all?
  • Can someone else do the work that I am doing now?
  • Why am I so busy?

Whatever the reason, if you are very busy now, pause and think, be true to yourself, and decide what to do next. Take a break, and maybe it’s time to hire some help for yourself, and take your business to another level!