Posted On: May 12, 2021

As Copyblogger says, copywriters are some of the highest-paid writers in the world. Why is this so? Because to master the craft, a copywriter needs lots of investment in time and effort. Copywriting is not just writing, but it also incorporates marketing psychology and an in-depth understanding of your products or services so that he can write a persuasive copy that converts your leads and prospects into customers easily.

So how much does a copywriter cost in Singapore? A writer’s fee will depend on how good or experienced he is and some factors that determine his rates include his writing experience, the urgency of your project, the amount of research needed and how specialised is your topic. 

There are actually different methods that copywriting agencies or freelance copywriters use to price their services. How are some of the usual pricing methods. 

Per Word Basis

Some agencies or freelance copywriters use the per word basis to price their services, charging anything from SGD0.20 to SGD2.00 per word. This may not be the best method for both the copywriter and the client, as sometimes the copywriter may need to write more in order to convey your message to the audience and it just doesn’t make sense to reduce his content just because he has to restrict the words. 

Per Hour Basis 

Some copywriters or copywriting agencies will charge by the hour. This could also be because there might be research needed for your project so they will need to spend time conducting research before crafting your copy. 

If you are engaging a copywriter based on a per-hourly rate, do provide as much information as possible to your writer, as it might be difficult to correctly estimate how long a particular job will take him. You might have specific requirements which the copywriter will need to spend time on, such as getting in touch with someone to find out more information or making a trip down somewhere to uncover content for the copy, for example, all of which needs to be discussed before the start of the project. What you deem are normal tasks might not seem so to the copywriter, who will need to put in extra time and effort. 

That said, copywriting rates in Singapore on a per hourly basis usually range from SGD30 to SGD150 per hour or more.

Per Project Basis 

Some agencies or freelance copywriters charge by per project basis. This means that yours is usually a mid- to a large-size project which needs extensive research and an in-depth understanding of your target audience. The copywriter can only craft a powerful message that will resonate with your customers and get them to purchase after doing the necessary tasks.

Cost per project might range anything from SGD20 to SGD3,000 per page or webpage, depending on the complexity, the number of pages, the amount of research needed, the difficulty of the topic or expertise required etc.

If the project is a rush-job, which means that you need it in less than 7 days or a week, then the copywriter might charge you an extra 25% on top of the usual rate.

Freelance Websites

Of course, you could hire more reasonably-priced copywriters or writers in general on freelance portals such as Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr. One copywriter on these websites can charge you as little as USD5 for a 500 words article or copy.

But do note that most of the time, you will not be getting quality content or copy, as many who had used these writers can tell you. These writers can be used if you do not have high expectations or they can be used as a basis for research, with you rewriting the articles or copies after that. 

Also, take note that most of these writers or copywriters are from India, Philippines or Europe and while some do have good writing skills, I would advise you to go for local Singapore writers who can localise your content as they will be better able to understand your business and the target audience. There’s not much value in asking a foreign writer who have never been to Singapore or lived in Singapore for long to write about local content like our hawker culture, our way of living, or local products or services that are targeting Singapore customers. Your copywriter needs to have an in-depth understanding of the market and your audience in order to write good, persuasive and highly converting content.

Hiring a Full-Time Copywriter in Singapore

Hiring a full-time copywriter is another option but this can set you back by quite a bit. You should only hire a full-time copywriter if you have the capacity to fill up his time from 9am to 6pm daily every month. As a guide, here are the full-time salaries of a full-time copywriter in Singapore: 

Junior copywriter with at least 2 years of experience – SGD2,000 onwards per month
Executive copywriter with at least 3 – 5 years of experience – SGD3,000 onwards per month
Senior copywriter with more than 5 years of experience – SGD4,000 onwards per month

So if you have an upcoming copywriting project such as landing page, brochure, website or email copywriting, think carefully about your objectives and budget and finally, decide what kind of copywriter you want to engage. 

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