Posted On: March 13, 2021

Extracted from Neil Patel’s video tips on Facebook marketing.

Facebook keeps changing their algorithms. When it first started, every time you post a status update or a link, every one of your friends or fans would see it. Nowadays, Facebook decides to only show your status updates to the fans that were super engaged or those who indicated that they wanted to see your content. And over time, less and less of your fans are getting your status updates and it’s now to the point where if you put a link to your website on your status, it won’t do as well as before.

Neil Patel’s short video snippet essentially teaches you how to recover this dying Facebook traffic because even though Facebook has changed its algorithms, it doesn’t mean you can’t get traffic from them anymore. Even though it’s not as easy as it was before, it is still possible to get substantial Facebook traffic if you follow his tips below.

Tip 1 – Putting Your Link in the First Comment 

The first tip is from Brian Dean of Backlinko. When you’re putting out a Facebook status update, or talking about a new article you have on your website, tell people “Hey, check out the first comment! If you click through, I have something for you.” For example, if I’m posting an article that teaches you how to go from page 2 to page 1 of Google, I can leave a really long description in my status update on Facebook and then write, “If you want more, check out the first comment. I’ve linked to an article that teaches you how to get more of this traffic.”

Facebook’s not going to penalize me for putting a link because I didn’t put it in the status update, I put it in the first comment, which was me.

Tip 2 – Engaging with Your Audience Before You Promote Your Website 

The next tip I have for you is to make sure you’re engaging with your audience on Facebook before you promote your website. For example, even though I’m promoting my website, a day or two before, I may post a quote or a testimonial that really gets people hooked, maybe a testimonial from Elon Musk or someone well-known.

By putting something that’s appealing and that people can resonate with, you’re going to get a lot of engagement. The more engagement you get, then when you post status updates linking to your website, you’re going to get much more traffic because what Facebook’s doing is, they’re looking at how much engagement you’re getting from your fans. As a result, they will think that a large portion of your fanbase is engaged, and so even though you posted a link to your website, Facebook thinks that it should show it to the audience because a lot of them are engaged.

Facebook traffic

Tip 3 – Boost Your Posts 

The 3rd tip I have for you is to boost your posts, ideally your best ones because it ensures that all of your fans are seeing it. If you have many inactive fans, and you get more of them engaged because you boosted your posts to ensure that all your fans are seeing your content, Facebook is going to be more likely to show them your next organic posts. It allows more of your audience who’s not engaging to see your content, and gives them a chance to engage with you, which then gets you more traffic to your site.

Tip 4 – Use Facebook Messenger 

The last tip is engage using Facebook Messenger. There are many chat applications which allow you to engage with your website visitors and people on Facebook through your fan page. Once they engage with you through chat, you can end up sending them a notification every time you have a new blog post that comes out or an article or you want to drive them to your website.

Every time I push a message out through Facebook Messenger, I’m getting a high open rate. For instance, if I send a message out to 100 people on Facebook, I’m getting over 60 of them to click through to my website. Yes, there are many unsubscribes where people don’t want me to communicate with them through Facebook Messenger again, but that’s alright because the people who stay on your list are going to be long, diehard fans and they’re going to keep clicking through and going to your website.

But just don’t promote to them through Facebook Messenger, you must also have conversations with them and help them out. It’s social media; it’s not all about talking about your business. It’s also about helping out the other person.

Finally, if you leverage those tips, even though Facebook’s algorithms are getting harder and harder these days to crack, they’re also creating new ways for you to get more traffic; you’ve just got to get a little creative. Follow these tips and you’ll do well!

If you have questions or if you’re not getting that much engagement, leave a comment below, share with me your page and I’ll give you some advice and hopefully, we can get that metric back up so you’re getting more Facebook traffic!