Today’s internet world is rapidly shifting towards an emphasis on video storytelling, which is a powerful way to showcase your brand, tell its story and capture the attention of your audience. I’ve embarked on video making a few years ago and have since been making many videos for my brands, using a mixture of video software tools such as Filmora, Microsoft’s Movie Maker, Movavi, Camtasia, Lumen 5 and Rocketium to put together my video clips.

Then came InVideo, an online video maker specially created to help publishers, media companies, agencies and brands to reach out to their audience through the power of videos.

An Online Video Maker with Intuitive UI and Advanced Editing Features

InVideo is not only easy to use, but it is also a video maker that lets you create a video in different ways:

  • Creating story-telling videos from your blog posts
  • Creating promo videos
  • Creating Instagram Stories
  • Creating video ads for social media
  • Customized videos

One amazing feature is the ability to let you just insert a blog post link and it will automatically pull the content into a video from your blog post, inserting relevant images or videos through its AI features. I was blown away by how intelligent this feature is, as the images and videos that it suggested when I tried it were almost 90% relevant to the video itself.

InVideo has now become my go-to online video maker and editing software for quick, social media videos for myself and my clients because of its intuitive UI and advanced editing features. Plus, it’s so easy to use.

Here are some of the features which I love:

  • Its drag-and-drop features enable me to just import my own images, videos and music or access their media library of more than a million stock images, videos and music and just plug them into my own videos.
  • Its specially customized well-designed and flexible templates make sure that I waste no time in building up my own videos from scratch. All I have to do is just choose a template, pull in my own media and text and I’m done.
  • Sometimes, I just like to be a little bit creative and do things differently from others. So I like it too that InVideo allows me to configure my own videos for specific campaigns, moving and editing things around on it.
  • The dashboard of features which include shapes, social media icons and animations, text boxes, stickers, interesting animated effects, and other elements to spice up your videos.
  • Brand presets which allows me to set my brand logo, typeface, name, social media accounts and colours, which are automatically picked by InVideo’s AI engine based on our logo. I think this is pretty smart! This feature means that I don’t have to add the logo and change the typeface every time I want to make a new video.
  • Other features of this online video maker that I’m impressed with include multi-lingual videos, intelligent frame recommendations and the ability to export high-quality videos, upload onto YouTube, share on blogs or use them anywhere.

At additional monthly packages that start from just USD500, InVideo is also able to create unique solutions for your unique needs, such as customizing your process of making videos based on your requirements or automatically embedding data in your videos by integrating your data collection system with InVideo. Reach out to their live chat and get a quote.

Amazing Support

One thing that I cannot avoid mentioning when talking about InVideo is its amazing support. Whenever I encounter a problem, all I have to do is to just use the online chat, and someone from InVideo’s customer support team will reply to me within minutes, and I really mean minutes. Such amazing support is a stark contrast to those of us who are quite used to sending in an email inquiry or chat, only to have the support reply us in a day or two, which in this internet age, is considered slow. Such quick help is all the more useful when we need to finish a video urgently for a client or churn out a quick video on our own channel.

There’s also a very friendly and helpful community of InVideo users on Facebook, where you can ask questions and exchange experience with other users.


There is an initial level where you can make your first few online videos monthly for free and export up to 5 videos a month in 720p resolution. The other monthly pricing tiers are USD20 (10 videos), USD50 (30 videos) and USD100 (60 videos) if you pay annually. For the last tier, you even get 50 premium videos per month from Shutterstock’s video library, 100+ prebuilt templates and videos of up to 10 minutes, a package that is definitely value-for-money.

Cons – Are There Any, Really?

I’ve been using InVideo video maker to make social media and corporate videos for myself and clients. If you really want me to list some cons, I guess sometimes it does take time to load when I was uploading huge video files and if you have an unstable internet connection when you’re travelling, it can become slightly unpredictable as well. However, InVideo has been so responsive to our feedback and needs that over the past few months, it has been much faster, and I’m very sure this software will definitely get better and better over time.

The Only Video Maker You Need to Use

InVideo is such a sophisticated video solution but is just so simple to use that I can just create up to 30 videos a day easily, more than what I used to be able to achieve with other video makers. This helps me engage more of my audience on YouTube, and reach out to more new prospects every month. For me, it’s an absolute gem and the only video maker that you need to use. You really have nothing to lose by giving it a try, since there is a free trial option. I’m absolutely sure you will love it! Sign up for a trial here.

If you’re looking for some professional social media or corporate videos, I can definitely help you put some together, and even advise you on video SEO. Contact me at: or +65-9622-8824.