Posted On: March 13, 2021

Although digital marketing is now the most popular channel of advertising, radio advertising is still an efficient medium to reach out to your customers. This is because radio advertising is an extremely cost effective channel that you can use to reach out to a large, targeted audience.

For companies such as automobile dealers, jewellery companies, beauty salons, medical spas, health products and services, this channel has consistently proven to be an effective platform for them to generate brand awareness and achieve phenomenal business growth.

This is almost a 5000-word e-book collated from more than 15 years of experience in radio advertising in Singapore, inspired by the realisation that there are little or almost no resources for radio advertising in Singapore from a client’s perspective. I hope this report will help you plan an effective radio campaign on your own. As much as possible, I’ve related my experience to the Singapore market.

Here’s the index of what I’m going to talk about:

(1) Creating a Radio Ad Strategy
(2) A Typical Radio Proposal and What It Includes
(3) Factors Affecting the Costs of Radio Ad Spots
(4) What Is the Minimum Investment?
(5) How Do You Compare the Per Spot Cost Across Different Radio Stations?
(6) How to Measure the ROI of Your Radio Advertising Campaign
(7) Factors Affecting the ROI of Your Radio Advertising Campaign
(8) The Radio Advertising Industry in Singapore
(9) How Are Singapore Radio Ratings Determined?

Because of the depth and exclusivity of this e-book, all I ask for are some basic information to let me understand my audience better and to let you get access to exclusive content. Input it below and wait for the book to arrive in your inbox – it’s that simple!

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