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Create a sustainable pipeline of leads with performance-driven content that tells stories, appeals to emotions and sparks conversations. Learn how for free.
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Skyrocket your social media results with these bespoke social media templates. Effortlessly customise the logo, colours, text, and images to create a truly unique experience for your audience.
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What My Clients Say

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Join a global community of 1,000+ marketers and business owners to receive two monthly content strategies for small business growth in the education and training niche, covering topics that I’m very passionate about such as content marketing, SEO, GenAI, metaverses, and social media. 

Content Strategist


Content Blueprint for Small Business Growth
I’ve created 300+ top-ranking articles and visual content on Google and other search engines.

Top Industries I've Worked With:

About Me:

  • Bilingual (English/Chinese) content strategist, social media marketer and marketing designer
  • SEO, WordPress & WooCommerce personal coach & trainer 
  • More than 20 years of marketing, design & editorial experience
  • Published author of 4 English guides in Singapore
  • Master of Mass Communications (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
  • Bachelor of Science, Economics (Hons) (London School of Economics, London)
  • Dip, Professional Photography (New York)
  • Nano-influencer on Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram (with more than 8,000 combined genuine followers) for products/services targeted at entrepreneurs, marketers & agencies. Owner of a few Facebook groups, one of which has more than 38,000 members.
How Can Top-Ranking Content Benefit Your Business?

Content that ranks well supercharges your SEO. It increases organic website traffic and click-through rates, earns more repeat site visits and significantly improves brand awareness and increases your business leads. Ultimately, great content helps you achieve your business goals.

“Blindly pushing out content will not attract an audience. To succeed, it is important to know who to target, which keywords to use, what type of content to create, how to optimise it, and how to effectively disseminate it.”


Brand Strategies | Digital Marketing Strategies | Content Marketing Strategies | Social Media Strategies | Chinese Marketing Strategies | Mascot Marketing Strategies | Investor Pitch Decks | more 

SEO Content Strategy Framework and Management | Google / Baidu 百度 / Sogou 搜狗 | SEO Keyword Research | SEO Content Research & Optimisation | Content Repurposing | Onpage Content Optimisation | Thought-Leadership Articles / Blog Posts | White Papers | Infographics | Presentation Slides | e-Books | e-Interviews | e-Brochures |  more

Global and Singapore Social Media Marketing | Chinese Social Media Content on WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book (RED) | Curated Content on Facebook, Linkedin & Instagram | more 

E-Newsletters | Promotional Emails | Welcome Emails | Abandoned Cart Emails | Transactional Emails | Educational or How-to Emails | Event or Webinar Invitations | Customer Feedback or Surveys | Re-Engagement or Win-back Emails | Thank You Emails | more 

Printed Publications | Physical Advertising | Physical Product Packaging | Signage and Displays | Educational Materials | Point of Sale (POS) Displays | Packaging Inserts and Coupons | Corporate Collateral | more

Metaverse Storytelling | Educational Content | more 

Bring your business to the next level with infographics and comic marketing

Infographics Designed for Real Impact

Infographics that convey information clearly and concisely, with a well-organised structure and a clear hierarchy of information.

Clarity and Simplicity

Comics and/or cartoons that communicate complex information in a visually engaging and understandable way.

Relevance and Focus

Infographics that are relevant to your audience and focused on a specific topic.


with Ready-Made Content Templates and Micro SEO Content Gigs

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